About Pondscum

Howdy ✨ 

My name is Emily, I’m 28, I love frogs, snakes, and bats, and I think the animatronics at Disneyland are terrifying and should be unplugged immediately. I am the meme lord behind Pondscum and the hands/arm you can see sometimes in the instagram stories. (@pondscumco)

Pondscum was founded in April 2020 by myself and my former roommate Nina. We had been interested in resin for a while and finally had the free time to try it out when we were both laid off in March due to global pandemic. We started an Instagram account in may, and got a website in June and here we are. Sadly in November the house of scum was divided. We lived, we laughed, we loved, we listened to Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson probably a lot more than our neighbours would have liked. Nina has since moved to BC to pursue her dream of becoming a yeti. Gone but never forgotten. 🙏🏻

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported pondscum, I wouldn’t be here without you :’) 

pondscum logo by Sabrina Mellado @emodog98